Three Methods for Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Solar Panel Bird Proofing can be one of the most cost effective ways to save money on your electric bill. It is estimated that over twenty millions of Americans will be killed by birds this year alone. While it may seem like a pointless expense, bird proofing your solar panel can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damages and property loss each and every year. In fact, bird damage costs homeowners thousands of dollars per year, so protecting your solar panels from these birds can really pay off in the long run. In addition, solar energy can actually reduce your electric bill because it takes less energy to power your home.

Why You Should Consider Solar Battery Storage?

Solar Panel Bird Deterrent 100″ The solar panel bird proofing system is made to keep pigeons from accessing the open space below solar panels. Pest birds tend to nest under solar panels, making a mess and often costing expensive repair and clean up. Keep your roof, wiring systems and roofing materials free from pigeons using the solar panel bird proofing system. Place the system above and away from your house to ensure maximum protection.

These methods can all be done by yourself without the help of professionals, saving you valuable money. Not only is it important to keep your solar panels clean and free of debris, but they are also vital to keeping your roof maintained properly and free from leaks. If you are tired of seeing dead pigeon droppings on your roof or on your patio, you need to invest in solar panel bird proofing today! No one likes to see dead animals on their property, and it is an unnecessary cost if you don’t have to.

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