The New Name For The Former Child Care Centre

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The new name for the Atlanta Georgia childcare centre is the Auburn Center. The centre was started in 2021 and it is named after the late Mrs. Alice Auburn, who served as the director of the Georgia Children’s Museum until her untimely death. The name of the museum is in honor of Alice Auburn, who she endowed with such a great care. It is the only state museum in Georgia that houses the “Alice in Wonderland” original along with many other famous works by the author. Every year the centre hosts “Auburn Days”, which is an event where children can experience the wonder and excitement of the famous author’s work through a day of hands-on activity at the museum. Check out – bluebirdelc

The New Name For The Former Child Care Centre

The centre was founded to fill a significant void in the State of Georgia. Like many other States across the nation, Georgia is suffering from a growing problem with under-educated and unemployed children. Many children do not receive the education that they need in order to compete in today’s economy. The centre is committed to providing quality child care services to all children in the state of Georgia through a wide range of educational and developmental care options.

The centre’s Director, Mrs. Beverly Davenport, has been a trusted consultant in the development of centre services. The centre strives to combine education, art, nature, and community into one comprehensive child care system. Each centre offers individualized care plans and a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of children and families. For example, the centre’s Head Start Centre provides infant and toddler care, working with children from birth to age one. Early Head Start is a vital resource for parents and their newborns, working to ensure the early stimulation and learning that every child needs. The centre offers after-school and summer programs, including the Georgia Back-to-School Program, as well as enrichment visits for teachers and staff members.

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