Scrapbooking Supplies – What Is the Main Scrapbooking Supplies You Need to Get Started?

Top Ten most essential scrapbooking supplies are: scrapbook albums, adhesive backing sheets, scissors, hole punchers, rubber stamps, adhesives, acid free markers, scissors and glue, a pair of scissors, an eraser, a double-sided adhesive, and a notepad for notes and lists. Clearly, the top most scrapbooking supplies that you need to get started are the scrapbooking sheets themselves, besides pictures. For example, for traditional sheets, there are cardstock and colored paper. Also, if you are making a themed scrapbook such as Thanksgiving or Christmas themed scrapbook albums, you’ll need different types of cards for the different holidays involved.

Why need Scrapbooking Supplies

scrapbooking supplies

Another one of the essentials of scrapbooking supplies is a sheet protector. Sheets can be thin or thick, and they come in a variety of sizes and types. You’ll want one that is thin enough to stick to the pages without being too clingy and yet thick enough that your pictures aren’t being snagged and ripped off the sheets. One of my favorite scrapbooking supplies for keeping memories alive is picture/photo protector sheets. These sheets are specifically designed to stick to just about any type of picture and let you easily flip through your album without worrying about it being damaged.

Another key part of crafting a scrapbook is getting started. A lot of people start a new scrapbook by either looking at pictures on the internet, looking at old albums, or even purchasing a scrapbooking kit. The benefit of scrapbooking supplies is that all these supplies are so inexpensive and readily available that you can get started right away. Often, I’ll go to a craft store first since they usually have everything you need and the staff is usually very helpful. Another great place to find scrapbooking supplies is at garage sales and flea markets as they often have everything you need for under $10.

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