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Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Complications

avaulta vaginal mesh complications

Concern about complications associated with Avaulta vaginal mesh products has led the FDA to issue a Public Health Notification. This alert came about because of an increasing number of complaints. The FDA’s warning called for additional investigations of the trans-vaginal mesh procedure, and it advised physicians to consider alternative treatments before undergoing this procedure.

How to Know About Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Complications

Some complications related to Avaulta vaginal mesh can be serious. These include infection, perforation of the bowel, and bladder, as well as severe pain. In some cases, the patient may experience recurrence of the condition, requiring further surgery. Over 1,000 women have reported complications associated with this surgical procedure. To prevent such complications from occurring, the FDA has issued warnings for both patients and doctors.

Bard, the company that manufactures Avaulta mesh, knew or should have known about the problems associated with this product. The mesh was not designed to be removed from the body easily and can result in life-threatening complications. Even worse, the manufacturer of Avaulta failed to investigate the risks associated with its use. It also failed to properly demonstrate the effectiveness of this procedure in the long-term.

Avaulta vaginal mesh complications are serious and permanent, including the potential for deformities, pain, and psychological damage. As with any medical procedure, patients should be informed of the risks involved before undergoing the procedure. If you’ve had any complications related to Avaulta vaginal mesh, you should consider filing a lawsuit against Bard.